• Society of Arts and Crafts 2017 Mentor Program

    Society of Arts and Crafts 2017 Mentor Program

    Encouraging the creation of contemporary craft artists

The Society of Arts and Crafts’ Mentor Program prepares emerging artists for participation in premiere craft shows via CraftBoston Holiday. CraftBoston Holiday is a competitive retail show comprised of over 175 exhibitors selling fine craft within twelve media categories at the Hynes Convention Center. Central to the Mentor Program is a multi-year association with CraftBoston Holiday.

Three to four artists are selected to participate in the Mentor Program each year. Participants attend a series of training meetings at the Society of Arts and Crafts and work with each other, artist mentors, and show management to design a shared, subsidized booth at CraftBoston Holiday. Training topics include: booth design, marketing, pricing and selling of work, legal and insurance issues, and portfolio development.

After completion of their first year, Mentor Program participants are eligible to apply for a subsidized independent 10x10' booth at CraftBoston Holiday the following year as a second-year participant.

Taima Krayem  |  Furniture Maker

Taima Krayem | Furniture Maker

A graduate of North Bennet Street School’s furniture making program, Taima builds work that incorporates traditional techniques while exploring design possibilities with a modern aesthetic.

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Sylvia Tomayko-Peters  |  Paper Goods

Sylvia Tomayko-Peters | Paper Goods

Sylvia's search for the perfect notebook led her to start a handmade paper goods business that makes hand-printed, cut, and bound notebooks, cards, and other paper products in Somerville, MA.

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Dylan Uscher  |  Knitwear Designer

Dylan Uscher | Knitwear Designer

Dylan is a self-taught knitwear designer who takes his passion for hand-craft and infuses it with his sense of style and aesthetic to create wearable, intelligent knit designs.

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