Annie Evelyn, 2016 Mineck Fellow

Congratulations to the 2016 John D. Mineck Fellowship winner, Annie Evelyn!

The Society of Arts and Crafts is proud to announce Annie Evelyn as the 2016 John D. Mineck Furniture Fellow. Annie is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design and holds a masters in Fine Arts. She is an experienced maker in both furniture and industrial design. Annie is currently a Penland School of Craft Core Resident, where she has been exploring upholstery in non-traditional materials such as concrete, metal, and Swarovski crystals.

She plans on using her Fellowship Award to purchase tools for a studio, one that can function as a community space. Annie's spirit of community, generosity, and mentorship shined in her application, and will serve her well as she leaves the Penland community and establishes her studio.

First awarded in 2009, the John D. Mineck Furniture Fellowship developed from John’s love for making fine furniture and the skill, passion, and dedication exhibited by those in the field. In an effort to support the craft that John loved and the people who make it, the John D. Mineck Foundation created this Fellowship to encourage and support a young-in-career furniture artist with the financial assistance to help them succeed in their journey. Through the generosity of the Foundation, we are able to award $25,000 annually to an artist who demonstrates skill and commitment to their craft.

Annie writes, "I know the kind of space I want to create in the world. Winning this fellowship now would allow me to use the momentum I have built during my Penland residency to move directly to setting up this studio. I will use a well-equipped communal shop to not only facilitate my work as a furniture maker but also to support myself as human being who needs to be engaged with her community. In turn, I hope to offer a space to the next generation of furniture artists that will make a huge difference in their careers and their lives -- a place where we are all free to explore, to share, to collaborate, to make, and to test the very limits of our creativity."

Top Images:

Annie Evelyn, Squishy Sticks, Featured on the cover of American Craft Magazine, photos by Chad Whitaker, Lacquered poplar and holly sticks, 19"X32"X19"

Annie Evelyn, Cracked, Soft, giving cracked cement, ebonized oak, photos by Mercedes Jelinek, 19"X32"X19"

Annie Evelyn, The Scotty, Collaboration with Scotty Albrecht, aluminum, photo by Mercedes Jelinek, 19"X32"X19"

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