Our Cups Runneth Over Our Cups Runneth Over Our Cups Runneth Over

          Jessica Brandl        Jeremy Ayers                      Grace Sheese

Our Cups Runneth Over: Sculptural & Functional Cups
November 8, 2014-January 10, 2015
Reception: Friday, November 14, 2014 from 6-8pm

Our Cups Runneth Over is a biannual exhibition and sale of contemporary ceramic cups. The exhibition attracts collectors from across the country and has become an important educational destination to learn about the various formal, conceptual and technical approaches that clay allows.

The SAC Exhibition Gallery is located on the second floor, above the SAC Retail Gallery:
175 Newbury Street, Boston, MA 02116

Exhibiting Artists:
Nicole Aquillano, MA
Chadwick Augustine, NY
Jeremy Ayers, VT
Polly Becker, MA
Jessica Brandl, MA
Rob Cartelli, VT
David Eichelberger, NC
Sanam Emami, CO
Carole Ann Fer, ME
Brett Freund, NY
Kristina Gerig, OR
Ken Goldstrom, MA

Tyler Gulden, ME
Rena Hamilton, AZ
Lissa Hunter, ME
Brian R. Jones, OR
Ahrong Kim, PA
Kathy King, MA
Roberto Lugo, PA
Jenny Mendes, OH
Maureen Mills, NH
Kristen Morgin, CA
Megumi Naitoh, MA
Alex Reed, CA

Tilla Rodemann, MA
Judith Rosenstein, MA
Grace Sheese, IL
Kevin Snipes, OH
Aaron Sober, FL
Tom Spleth, NC
Eric Thornton, PA
Kyla Toomey, MA
Simon van der Ven, ME
Don Williams, NH
Sarah Williams, MA
Joe Wood, MA