Our Cups Runneth Over
featuring weavings by Morris David Dorenfeld

Every other winter, the Society of Arts and Crafts presents the much beloved exhibition Our Cups Runneth Over. After a rather eventful year, we are thrilled to get back to the basics. The 'Cups Show' brings together 30 ceramic artists, both emerging and established, in celebration of the clay vessel. The form and function of each piece remains similar; yet the aesthetics and techniques are as varied as their inspirations. Cups is a cash and carry show. All cups are sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

Join us for the opening reception!
Thursday, November 17
6-9pm | 100 Pier 4 Blvd, Suite 200


Cup Artists:
Benjamin Cirgin, Mike Corney, David Crane, Susan Dewsnap, Brian Ferrell, Wayne Fuerst, Yoshi Fujii, Chris Gustin, Perry Haast, Margaret Haden, Mike Helke, Lissa Hunter, Mitch Iburg, Drew Ippoliti, En Iwamura, Doug Jeppesen, Didem Mert, Ron Meyers, Ted Neal, Gabrielle Schaffner, Jane Simon, Keith Simpson, Austin P. Smith, Kevin Snipes, Mitchell Spain, Silver Run Ceramics (Michelle Lyn Strader & Frederick Bartolovic), Brian Taylor, Matthew Ward, Joey Watson

For more information, please contact Luiza deCamargo, Assistant Curator, at exhibitiongallery@societyofcrafts.org or (617) 266-1810.