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Educational Tours at The Exhibition Gallery

The Society of Arts and Crafts curates four exhibitions per year, which are either thematic in nature or are focused on a specific object, media, process or artist. University or high school instructors can call in advance and we would be happy to arrange a curator-led tour of any exhibition. Additionally, we can carry out tours for individuals who are blind or visually impaired.For additional information on educational tours, please contact:

Luiza deCamargo , Assistany Curator
The Society of Arts and Crafts
175 Newbury Street
Boston , MA 02116
617-266-1810 ext. 13

School Tour Group

Group Tours at CraftBoston Spring and Holiday

We will gladly customize a themed tour to meet the interest of groups of 10 or more people. Perfect for a social club outing or special event! Schedule and customize your tour in advance!

• Please call Darrah Bowden (617) 266-1810 or email for more information or
  to schedule a tour for your group.
• Tours are complimentary with admission
• Groups of 10 or more will receive the group discount ($10/person)
• Tours are lead by CraftBoston and SAC staff

Sample Tour Topics:

Media Specific Tour-
   • Ceramics
   • Glass
   • Furniture
   • Fiber
   • Jewelry
   • Leather
   • Metal
   • Mixed Media (including paper and baskets)
   • Wood
Tour of Local Artist Booths
General Show Tour
Tour of First Year Artist Booths
Tour of Invited Artist Booths

Access (Other Than Print or Braille) for Individuals Who Are Blind or Have Low Vision

Show tour available for guests who are blind or visually impaired.

Top Image: Kevin Snipes, Ceramic Sculpture
Middle Image: Tour Group from the Newman School