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Featured Artist: Barbara Poole

"The inspiration for this installation comes from the book 'The Botany of Desire' written by Michael Pollan. Michael describes how despite our attempts to control plants - such as tulips and cannabis - the plants in fact use us to spread their seed or propagate themselves in other intended ways.

The garment for this installation was a collaboration with Amanda James for the MIT Descience Project. Amanda is a scientist working on invasive species of California. Using Amanda's data, I created a garment that visually depicts and animates the destructive power of an invasive species on the Southern California Coastal Sage Scrub plant community.

The installation, like true invasive species, is meant to be seductive to lure people in with it's beauty, hiding it's destructive nature. I have chosen felt to create the installation because of it's malleability; felt can take any form and these pieces showcase just a small part of the permutations one can create".

- Barbara Poole

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The retail gallery is located on the first floor of SAC at 175 Newbury Street (between Dartmouth St. and Exeter St.) in the historic Back Bay neighborhood and gallery district of Boston. The retail gallery represents over 300 artists from across the United States. All work is selected by the SAC retail jury and profits directly support the artists and SAC programming.

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