Van Vactor, Saskia

Watertown, MA

Saskia Van Vactor is an accomplished ceramic artist with a broad base of experience in illustration, decorative painting, and design. Inspired by multiple eras of the European and Asian figurative tradition, her work combines elements and esthetic themes from the natural world with a reexamination of form and utility.
Studying art at the Paris American Academy in France at 17, she was influenced by the rich history of European art. She then studied ceramics at Kansas State University with Professor Yoshiro Ikeda, followed by work as a free lance artist in Los Angeles, CA. In 1996 she moved to Florence, Italy where she continued her art training in diverse disciplines, such as fresco painting, mask making and traditional majolica. Saskia continued to work and exhibit her ceramic work there for the next six years. Saskia has returned to establish a studio in Massachusetts, the place of her birth. She is currently developing a new body of ceramic work that explores the endless possibilities of carved and textured surfaces.

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