Congratulations to 2018 John D. Mineck Fellow, Tom Shields!

With the help of Sarah Marriage and Miguel Gómez‐Ibáñez, the Society of Arts + Crafts recommends Tom Shields as this year's Mineck Foundation Furniture Fellow.

Shields is at a moment in his career where he is ready to take on more within his practice. Through his writing he defined how the Mineck Furniture Fellowship would help advance his career. The materials he submitted spoke to a need that many craftspeople face: creating a working space that is cost-effective and efficient.

In line with his goal of creating a studio space, Shields is also interested in giving back to the community by getting involved in outdoor installation of public artwork, and hiring apprentices to pass on skills he has learned. It is our sincere belief that as the 2018 recipient of the Mineck Furniture Fellowship, Shields will be able to achieve his goal of creating a workshop and continuing a purposeful, driven career in furniture.

Shields wrote in his application: "This grant will afford me the actual physical space needed to make these changes as well as the mental and emotional space … to pursue all these evolutions. In the short term the money will help with establishing a secure permanent place for me to continue my studio practice. This space in the long run will allow me to focus on public work, make changes to my studio work and marketing strategy, and allow me share what I know with others. It will allow me to be a stable and secure craftsperson and focus on translating my early success into a lifetime career."

We are grateful to Sarah Marriage and Miguel Gómez‐Ibáñez for providing their expertise in choosing this year's winner. As a past Mineck Furniture Fellow and craftsperson, Sarah's perspective on contemporary craft through her practice, and the opening of "A Workshop of Our Own", is invaluable. Likewise, as the President of the North Bennet Street School and long-time craftsperson, Miguel's understanding of contemporary craft and his vast knowledge of woodworking is indispensable. 

Learn more about the John D. Mineck Fellowship.

Honorable Mentions

Ted Lott - The jurors were inspired by the stunning intricacy of Lott's work as well as his admirable interest in attending conferences, residencies and workshops to strengthen his connection to the woodworking and design communities.

Hannah Vaughan - The jurors were drawn to Vaughan's large scale installations as well as her exploration of crushing techniques to produce bold and expressive works that address the issues of overconsumption that we all face.

Rachel David - The jurors were impressed by the complete uniqueness that pulses through David's strange and wonderful metalwork as well as her innate understanding and drive to create spaces that welcome anyone and everyone.

Adam Manley - The jurors were pleased with the modern lines and smart color choices evident in Manley's work as well as his interest in creating craft spaces within underserved communities and publishing a zine by which to highlight overlooked craft in the Southwest.

As always, there were so many submissions this year that were truly wonderful,and we appreciate each and every applicant for taking the time to send in thoughtful materials. We hope and trust that next year's submissions will be equally as astonishing. Thank you to all who applied! 

Mediation. Cast iron. 63”x20”x38” 2017
Balance Burnt found chairs. 47”x18”x39” 2012
Held-up. Found chairs, ebonized oak. 72”x22”x43” 2013
Off kilter. Found chairs. 47”x48”x45” 2012