•          Those who practice craft and those who sustain it.

    Those who practice craft and those who sustain it.

Pender, Jeff

Pender, Jeff Ceramic Art by Jeff Pender

Perlmutter, Bruce

Perlmutter, Bruce Bruce Perlmutter, Woodturner

Plante, Amie

Plante, Amie ALPHA Studio - Amie Louise Plante

Raivel, Mary

Raivel, Mary Mary Raivel Jewelry

Rodemann, Tilla

Rodemann, Tilla Tilla Rodemann Ceramics

Rodgers, Stacy

Rodgers, Stacy Stacy Rodgers Jewelry

Stacy Rodgers has always been fascinated with anatomy because every line, every recess, every form has a strong refined purpose; which is sustaining life in an organism. The essence of her artistic voice is the highlighting of the explosive undulating lines and corresponding negative shapes within life forms across our world through hand-pierced metal. A statement on the connection within all life that we take for granted or sometimes refuse to see at all. Stacy Rodgers received her BFA in metalsmithing/jewelry from the University of Kansas.
Shaw, Jesse

Shaw, Jesse JShaw Furniture Design

Smith, Jessica

Smith, Jessica Folium Paper

Folium is a study of the colors, scale, patterns, and repetitive components of flowers, foliage, and small plants — recreated entirely in paper. Jessica Smith is a Boston-based artist. She received her BFA with a focus in jewelry and metalsmithing from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2007. In addition to her studio jewelry, this ongoing study is born out of a lifelong love of plants. All work is hand-dyed, hand-cut, and assembled individually. No two flowers are quite the same. Materials include tissue paper, Italian crepe, canson paper, vintage stamens, and wire. Colors are manipulated using pastels, alcohol inks, and artist’s gouache.