•          Those who practice craft and those who sustain it.

    Those who practice craft and those who sustain it.

Artists starting with T

Thompson, Sara

Thompson, Sara Sara Thompson

Sara Thompson is an accomplished silversmith with a BFA in Craft with a concentration in metals from the Oregon College of Art and Craft. She works bilaterally between wearable forms and minimal utilitarian objects. She is trained as a bench jeweler and has moved into using traditional silversmithing to explore the vessel, incorporating educational aspects from mathematics and science into her forms. Her work has been exhibited nationally and sold internationally to private clients. Sara splits her time between Martha’s Vineyard and Portland, OR in her personal studios and reading about particle physics.
Tosto Merwarth, Maressa

Tosto Merwarth, Maressa Mari Tome Jewelry Design

Turpin, Mary G

Turpin, Mary G Studio Narcisse Noir