Curated by Izzy Berdan and Dave J. Bermingham

April 25 - June 30, 2019

BullerCeramics 2
 Larry Buller, Nancy Boi, 2016, Low-Fire Clay, Terra Sigillata, Low-Fire Glaze and Decals

As trans and queer crafters, artists, and people, we are tasked yearly to draw forth into the public sphere and sound-aloud the celebratory pride-fullness of our community. This annual Pride Month may be embraced by some as a means of release, hedonism, and validation, but for many queer, trans, and non-binary persons, it is an opportunity to question notions of queerness, community, sexuality, and our place within the public and private realms of our respective societies.

PRIED celebrates and recognizes the individuals who create works that may or may not be made based around the image of a queer person, just as any other maker is not limited to creating works about their own identity. This exhibition highlights the hands, minds, and voices of LGBTQI+ artists in the greater Boston area and beyond, while also challenging the viewers and craft connoisseurs who seek it out. If one pries the closet doors open, are they willing to come to terms with all of the skeletons...and maybe the glitter?