• Society of Arts + Crafts: Now Open in the Seaport District

    Society of Arts + Crafts: Now Open in the Seaport District

Thanks everyone for another
wonderful CraftBoston Holiday!

CONGRATULATIONS to our 2017 Artist Award Winners!
 Artist Choice Award - Ahrong Kim

 Best in Show - Chie Hitchner Textile Art
 Distinction in Metal - Nest Homeware / Matt Cavallaro
 Distinction in Ceramics - Ahrong Kim
 Distinction in Leather - Dick Muller Designer/Craftsman
 Distinction in Fiber Decorative - Gretchen Romey-Tanzer
 Distinction in Fiber Wearable - Amy Nguyen
 Distinction in Furniture - Myrtle Grove Furniture / Sean Schieber
 Distinction in Wood - Martha Collins
 Distinction in Jewelry - Paulette Werger
 Fuller Craft Museum Curator's Choice Award - Donna D'Aquino
 The Studio Potter Emerging Voices Award - Melissa Weiss
 Women's Jewelry Association Jewelry Artisan Award - Donna Veverka

+ Remember, weekend passes are valid for a retail gallery discount
+ Join us for CraftBoston Spring at the Cyclorama April 20-22, 2018


"Handmade objects are soulful in a way machine made things are not. Frequently I 'read' them by holding them in my hand,and enjoying what is tactile." -Terrill Waldman

"Everyone has the ability to appreciate the work of a master craftsperson." -Richard Oedel

All my pieces at the Society are based on New England becoming my home and the history behind metal and craft" -Tanya Crane

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