Current Exhibition

The Society of Arts and Crafts is proud to announce the winners of the 2017 Artist Awards. This year, we award three talented women who have a wide variety of skills and knowledge: Tanya Crane (jewelry, metalsmithing and fiber) Janice Jakielski (ceramics and fiber); Julie Morringello (wood, lighting design).
Tanya Crane takes inspiration from her new home in Pawtucket, markedly different from southern California, where she was raised. She investigates industry and labor, the founding of the nation, and racial identity through material and technique. Tanya's jewelry is scaled up, which she makes using metals, enamel, and textiles.
Janice Jakielski has been experimenting with tape-cast porcelain, an industrial process of making paper-thin ceramic sheets. She excels at taking challenging material and transforming it into three-dimensional forms that look like, but are most certainly not, vessels. Alongside working with tape-cast porcelain, Janice is a potter, a glass blower, a textile artist, a beekeeper, and a teacher.
Julie Morringello founded Modernmaine in 2011 to introduce contemporary and exciting lighting designs for residential and commercial interiors. With a background in industrial design and furniture design, Julie considers lighting an important factor of interior spaces. She hand builds each light in a range of materials and her most recent collection glows with the use of of ultra-thin plywood, folded like paper.
Since 1994, the Society has recognized makers outstanding in their fields and awarded them our prestigious Artist Awards. With the help of discerning jurors, Ellen Wieski (ME) and Marilyn Zapf (NC), we are proud to continue this tradition in recognizing Tanya Crane, Janice Jakielski, Julie Morringello as leaders in their respective media.