Adrienne Sloane: The Unraveling

April 25 - July 7, 2019

Adrienne Sloane flag for website 450x450

The Unraveling, an installation piece by fiber artist Adrienne Sloane, will hang in the main gallery entrance at the Society of Arts + Crafts from April to July 2019. Sloane’s hand-knit flag partially obscures a copy of the U.S. Constitution printed on fabric. The artist has been slowly unraveling the flag, leaving piles of loose yarn on the plinth underneath, partially revealing the historic document. About her work Sloane says, “I am committed to continuing to show and unravel this flag against the backdrop of the Constitution according to the timeline of the current administration, stopping only should it end prematurely, or after four years when there will be nothing left of the flag.” 

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