Current Lightwell Installation

Infinite Vibration (mono-cast rubber on panels)

Niho Kozuru - 髙鶴丹穂

Infinite Vibration transforms Niho Kozuru’s three-dimensional sculptures into two-dimensional compositions. Kozuru borrows segments of her 3D sculptures to make 2D mono-cast panels. Column sculptures such as “Liquid Sunshine” are comprised of elements cast in brightly-colored translucent polymer, molded from various turned objects, ranging from thrown clay to turned wood. Kozuru’s attraction to turned objects comes from her family, who have been ceramists for many generations and active to this day in Fukuoka, Japan. Kozuru reconfigures various found objects into patterns by fusing rubber onto panels while composing expanding designs. As she plays with positive and negative space, the silhouettes from the original sculptures begin to create bold patterns that join and expand into infinite super-patterns. Foregrounds and backgrounds appear to flip, while lines merge, blur, or shift, creating new dimensional surfaces. These groupings of mono-casts offer a portal to explore luminous interlocking shapes, patterns, and echoing colors that pulsate from within. Images of Niho's 2018 exhibition can be seen at our flickr page.

Niho Kozuru (髙鶴丹穂) is a Japanese-born sculptor working in Boston, MA. Kozuru received her BFA from the Parsons School of Design in New York, NY, and MFA from the University of Hawaii, Honolulu. She has shown in galleries and museums internationally including at the ICA/Boston and the Fukuoka City Art Museum. Kozuru is a recipient of awards and residencies such as Haystack Open Studio and the Massachusetts Cultural Council Artist Fellowship. Kozuru’s artwork is in numerous private and public collections, including the deCordova Sculpture Park + Museum, Fuller Craft Museum, Sheldon Museum of Art, Danforth Museum of Art, The Art Complex Museum, MEDITECH and Fidelity Investments.

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