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kogei white ceramic dish EDITED
Shibata Ryozo, Waving Plate, Porcelain

This September, the Society of Arts + Crafts will launch a two-month exhibition of works by Kyoto’s finest craft artists: Kogei-Kyoto x SA+C Boston: Contemporary Innovators in Japanese Arts and Crafts. The Artists’ Group Kogei-Kyoto will show nearly 60 pieces of their art at our gallery in the Seaport area of Boston. This is the first time this collective of artists has exhibited in the U.S. as a group, and the show will be one of the artistic highlights marking citywide celebrations of the 60th Anniversary of Boston’s and Kyoto’s status as Sister Cities.

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The American Arts and Crafts Movement has been intertwined with Japanese kogei (arts & crafts) since its beginning: Japanese design principles have influenced and informed the work of many American craft artists. To deepen the long-standing cross-cultural relationship, Boston made Kyoto its first Sister City in 1959.

The Kogei-Kyoto exhibition comes to Boston via Niho Kozuru, a Japanese artist who has work on display in the Society's lightwell. Niho introduced us to the Japan Society of Boston, which was looking for a venue to bring master craft artists to the region for the 60th Anniversary Sister City celebrations. We are delighted to host such an acclaimed group of craft artists and hope you will join in this commemorative moment, which will forge ties between two rich craft communities.

The exhibition runs from September 10 to November 10, 2019, and offers an array of Japanese art. There will be opportunities to experience traditional Japanese ceremonies and learn about Japanese crafts directly from the artists in workshops and during live demonstrations. We hope the exhibition will foster a deeper understanding of Japanese craft and its influences on American craft.  

SA+C and our artists need your support for this memorable cultural exchange. To fund this commemorative exhibition, we must raise $75,000.

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Kogei-Kyoto x SA+C Boston:
Contemporary Innovators in Japanese Arts and Crafts

September 10 - November 10, 2019

Presented by Artists' Group Kogei-Kyoto in Kyoto, Japan and the Japan Society of Boston in celebration of the 60th anniversary of Kyoto and Boston's sister city relationship.

To commemorate the 60-year Sister City pairing of Boston and Kyoto, Japan, more than two dozen artists from Kyoto’s revered Kogei crafts collective Kogei-Kyoto bring exquisite items to the Society of Arts + Crafts’ Seaport gallery. Featuring both traditional pieces, and innovative new works made with traditional methods, this wide-ranging exhibition marks the first Kogei group show in the US. Pieces from multiple mediums including ceramics, lacquer, woodworking, and fabric dyeing will be on view in this stunning exhibition. Visiting Kogei artists will host demonstrations and teach workshops throughout the exhibition’s run.

Kogei evokes the harmony that exists between humans and nature. While works embodying kogei are believed to have started as early as the 8th century, today, kogei is understood as almost synonymous with decorative arts. The Artists’ Group Kogei-Kyoto was founded in 2006 to spread awareness of kogei fine arts worldwide, and to encourage their further use in daily life. The Group is comprised of 28 world-class artists and a cultural history researcher. The group has put on acclaimed exhibitions in Kyoto, Japan; Nagano, Japan; Hanoi, Vietnam; and Paris, France. The Society of Arts + Crafts is honored to be able to present this exhibition in conjunction with Kogei-Kyoto.

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